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Varicocele Underwear - What makes the difference?

In our last post, we gave you more information on the results of the studies on the influence of varicocele on fertility. You now know that there are a lot of natural varicocele treatment options to significantly improve fertility even without an operation. The varicocele should only be treated surgically as the last step and only if the natural treatment could not restore fertility with varicocele.

With this article about varicocele underwear, we would like to share one of the most important findings when dealing with varicocele. Because with the right clothing in everyday life, symptoms such as overheating, pain or even a feeling of nausea can be treated in a simple manner. If you have any questions on this topic, please feel free to write us using the contact form.

What are the Most Important Clothing Rules in Everyday Life?

The most important rule for varicocele clothing is: Do not tighten the belt too tight and do not wear pants and underwear that are too tight. If the pants / underwear are too tight or the belt is too tight, this can negatively affect the healthy blood circulation in the lower abdomen. As for the varicocele, it is additionally difficult for blood to flow back to the heart through varicose veins, and swelling of the varicocele is increased as a result. At the same time, this creates an unnatural heat in the scrotum, which in the worst case affects fertility negatively.

Trousers that are too tight, underwear that is too tight or belts that are too tight can be recognized, for example, by the fact that when you sit down you feel as if your abdomen is being pinched off. Or you simply feel uncomfortable, restricting pressure. Avoid tight pants, underwear or belts that are too tight around the lower abdomen. Better not wear tight jeans. This type of varicocele clothing is unsuitable for everyday use with varicocele due to the pressure on the body. Prefer thin, slightly wider, elastic and well-ventilated trousers and underwear. For sports with varicocele pants with an elastic waistband, make sure that you do not tie the waistband too tight. Otherwise, there is also the risk of negatively influencing the blood circulation and causing swelling of the varicocele. You will now understand why it is important to choose the right clothes if you have a varicocele.

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of underwear for men:

Which Underwear Type is Best for Everyday Life with Varicocele?

1. Boxer shorts

Boxer shorts (scrotum hangs freely) seem to be a good idea as varicocele underwear due to their good heat exchange ability. However, they are rather unsuitable for men with varicocele! It is true that normal boxer shorts do not squeeze the penis and testicles like is the case with slips or boxer briefs. But what happens when the varicocele fills with blood and the veins expand? The scrotum sags, the blood is made more difficult to drain against gravity and the further development of the varicocele is promoted.

Boxer shorts are therefore not suitable as varicocele underwear. We suggest avoiding this type of underwear.

2. Walk around naked

Compared to the other types of underwear presented here, it still makes sense. With this method, the testicles are definitely cooler than body temperature. Nevertheless, there is a risk that the scrotum will sag if overheated, for example in unsuitable, heat-accumulating and tight trousers. The possible consequence here, as with the boxer shorts, is a further development of the varicocele – which we definitely want to prevent.

Naked is better than tightly packed. But not the best solution either.

3. Jockstraps / Slips

(Sports) Jockstraps are rather a bad choice for varicocele underwear to counteract sagging of the scrotum in everyday life. On the one hand, jockstraps develop an enormous amount of heat, while at the same time compressing the genital area extremely. The testicles and penis are held together in the tightest of spaces to protect them from footballs or similar. While this may make sense in sports, it is by no means an everyday solution for people with varicocele. Remember why the testicles are outside and not inside the body. Sport jockstraps are absolutely unsuitable for everyday life, since they can cause the testicles to overheat and thus negatively affect fertility. Slips might be a better choice as varicocele underwear, but most men will agree that they don’t want to wear slips in everyday life because most women will prefer more “normal” looking underwear.

Better not wear jockstraps in everyday life!

4. Cotton boxer briefs (tight-fitting boxer shorts)

Cotton Boxer briefs develop a lot of heat around the testicles and can therefore be very harmful to the testicles and fertility. In addition, boxer briefs letters often unsuitable narrow the genital area, which automatically leads to a deterioration in the blood flow and can therefore lead to an additional swelling of the varicocele. Just think about whether this type of underwear is in any way meeting your goal of normalizing testicle temperature throughout the day?

Better not wear thick cotton boxer briefs in everyday life!

5. Varicocele Underwear - The Best Solution for Everyday Life

The best solution for everyday life is an underwear model, which is made of thin material, creates good air circulation around the testicles and at the same time supports them slightly so that they do not sag, even when varicocele is swollen. Varicocele underwear improves blood circulation and at the same time does not overheat the testicles. We have tried many types of varicocele underwear ourselves in the past few years and luckily we found a model that combines exactly these positive properties. The Savana Men’s Boxer Briefs are the most suitable for everyday use with varicocele. Convince yourself. We are sure you will love it.


Savana Premium Men's Boxer Briefs (Varicocele Underwear)

Varicocele Clothing in leisure / at home

The best clothing solution for leisure time is a sports pants model, which is made of thin material, provides good air circulation around the testicles and has a slightly cooling effect when it comes into contact with the skin. We have tested many models in the past few years and luckily we found one model that combines exactly these positive properties. The Nike Men’s Sports Shorts are the most suitable model for leisure and at home. Also, swimming shorts combined with varicocele underwear are an awesome choice in summer, too!


In combination with a cooling plastic chair, the Nike sports shorts offer an excellent opportunity to cool the varicocele and testicles within 5-10 minutes to such an extent that the swelling goes back significantly and a feeling of pure relaxation runs through your body.

After a long day on the road or at work, this combination is worth gold for all men with varicocele.

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