Varicocele Sports: Men should know this.

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Varicocele Sports: Men should know this.

Varicocele Sports: Contrary to the general belief that sports worsens the condition of varicocele, we believe that regular moderate exercise / yoga for varicocele can improve the condition much more and help in the healing process of varicocele. You should know this. Of course, when you do sports with varicocele, you should make sure that your own physical limits (strength/endurance) are not exceeded. Otherwise, there is a high risk of putting your body under unnecessarily high stress and strain. As long as the body is under physical/psychological stress, the healing process of varicocele is limited. Physical (negative) stress during training can occur, for example, if you train too much in the anaerobic zone. Exercising in the anaerobic zone means that the body can no longer keep up with the oxygen supply to the muscles. This causes physical stress and the blood supply can deteriorate.


Regular Sports and Endurance Units lead to:

Sports promotes the Cardiovascular System

Sports and varicocele yoga promotes the cardiovascular system, strengthens your muscles and helps you to correct muscle imbalances and posture problems. There are definitely enough sports that a person suffering from varicocele can do without hesitation. However, there are also some sports that are better avoided during varicocele treatment. These include all extreme sports as well as soccer and basketball. Playing soccer forces the body to perform at its best because you have to function as a player in a team. Repeated sprints and running out, which have to be performed over a period of 90 minutes, can be a high risk factor for the further development of varicocele in sports. In basketball, the risk is further increased by the frequent powerful jumping and braking.

Men with varicocele should avoid these sports.

Which strength and stretching exercises, endurance sports and relaxation techniques are particularly suitable for patients with varicocele can be found in detail and in full in chapter 9 of the guide to the natural treatment of varicocele without surgery.

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