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Is A Varicocele Dangerous?

A varicose vein on the testicle is harmless in low degrees of severity. Only with increasing size and severity can the testicular varicose vein become a problem. Those affected then often complain of typical symptoms such as pain (stinging / pulling in the testicle). Unpleasant feelings such as overheating of the scrotum to a feeling of nausea also usually only occur with higher grade testicular varicose veins (2nd degree and 3rd degree). 

In these degrees of severity, varicoceles can also have a negative impact on male fertility and testosterone levels. Overheating of the affected testicle limits its function (testosterone production) and impairs spermatogenesis.

Regardless of the severity, all men with a varicose vein on the testicle should act as soon as possible and start natural treatment. In this way, progression can be prevented and, in the best case, regression of the varicocele can be achieved. Natural treatment methods include regular cooling procedures, regular intake of natural varicocele supplements and wearing appropriate clothing and underwear.

Can A Varicocele Disappear On Its Own?

A varicose vein on the testicle does not disappear on its own without doing something about it. Spontaneous regression can only occur in childhood or in adolescent males. In both cases, this is favored by adjustments in the individual lifestyle. Adult men over the age of 25 should not hope for a spontaneous cure.

A visit to the urologist is considered the first step towards treatment. If a man does not want to have the varicose vein removed by varicocele sclerotherapy in the scrotum, he has the option of keyhole surgery. Men can also achieve satisfactory results with the help of natural treatment methods and thus achieve the “status quo” – no further deterioration of the condition.

Through further natural treatment, goals such as an improvement in fertility, an increase in testosterone levels can be achieved, as well as a testicular atrophy (shrinkage) caused by the varicocele can be reversed, as well as a natural regression of the varicose vein in the scrotum can be achieved. These goals are achieved through an accompanying varicocele consultation and coaching over a period of 8 to 12 weeks.

Varicocele Treatment Without Surgery.

1. Varicocele definition

A varicocele describes a varicose vein rupture in the vein network on the spermatic cord formed by the veins of the testicles and epididymis (pampiniform plexus). The cause is often the insufficiency of the venous valves, which leads to pathological widening / lengthening of the venous network. Due to the almost right-angled course into the left renal vein (renal vein), the left testicular vein (testiculatis sinistra) is predisposed to varicocele development.

2. Epidemiology (frequency)

About 10-20% of adult men have a varicocele. Some urologists suspect that the number of unreported cases could be much higher, since many people with a varicocele shy away from going to urologist or do not consider it necessary at all. The disease peak is between the age of 15 and 25.

3. Cause, origin and development (etiopathogenesis)

Due to the different development opportunities, a further distinction is made between:

  • idiopathic varicocele
  • symptomatic varicocele

The idiopatic varicocele is favored by venous valve defects (venous valve insufficiency / missing valves), congenital vascular wall weakness and venous drainage disorders with increased hydrostatic venous pressure.

The cause of the symptomatic varicocele is compression of the testicular vein (testicular vein) by extraperitoneal tumors or retroperitoneal lymphomas (lymph node enlargements / swellings not enclosed by the peritoneum).

With an upright posture, there is a reversal of the venous blood flow in the testicular veins and the subsequent venous backflow in the vein network at the spermatic cord (plexus pampiniformis), which impresses as a convoluted varicoceles. While the idiopathic varicocele disappears when the position changes to the horizontal due to a reduction in hydrostatic pressure, the symptomatic varicocele remains.

4. Classification (classification) and symptoms

Depending on the form of the varicocele, it is divided into one of the following 4 grades:

Grade 0 (subclinical): The varicocele is invisible and not palpable, but can be made visible using ultrasound. Typical varicocele symptoms at this stage are occasionally unpleasant feelings such as a slight stinging / pulling in the testicles.

Grade I: Palpable but invisible testicular varicose during Valsalva maneuvers (compressed breathing). Typical symptoms are short-term complaints, such as varicocele pain, stinging / pulling in the testicles or a slight feeling of heaviness in the testicles.

Grade II: Testicular varicose veins palpable but not visible under resting conditions. Typical varicocele symptoms at this stage are a lower hanging testicle (left side), feeling of overheating, varicocele pain, heaviness, pulling / stinging in the testicles (often also: pulling in the groin).

Grade III: Easily palpable and clearly visible testicular varicose vein even under rest conditions. Typical symptoms are a clearly lower hanging left testicle, swollen varicocele clearly filled with blood, feeling of overheating, nausea, varicocele pain, an uncomfortable feeling of heaviness in the scrotum, stinging / pulling in the testicles, fatigue, anxiety, stress.


5. Diagnostics

  • View (inspection) and manual palpation of the scrotum (scrotum).
  • Ultrasound examination (Doppler sonography) of the venous drainage area and the kidneys of the patient.
  • Semen Analysis: Approximately every fourth of those affected (25%) has a reduced fertility (fertility), since the testicles can become unnaturally warm (even to a high degree overheat) due to the venous stasis (blood congestion) and this affects spermiogenesis. In severe cases, the varicocele can also lead to oligo-asthenoteratozoospermia (so-called OAT syndrome) with reduced density, reduced mobility (motility) and increased rate of malformation (morphology) of the sperm.

6. Surgical therapy

Surgical treatment indicators include:

  • painful varicocele
  • decreased semen quality up to infertility (infertility)
  • cosmetic ailments

The following operative therapy procedures are mostly practiced:

  • Minimally invasive laparoscopic varicocele surgery: high ligature of the internal testicular vein (operation after Bernardi) / high ligature of the vasa spermaica (operation after Palomo)
  • retrograde sclerotherapy
  • varicocele repair with antegrade varicocele sclerotherapy (according to Tauber)

More information can be found on Varicocele Surgery pages in the Internet.

7. Alternative treatment options

A varicocele often does not develop overnight, but progresses slowly over the years. To date, many sufferers do not know that there are a high number of effective alternative therapeutic options for treating varicocele. Anyone who has found a varicose vein in their testicles and has their suspicions confirmed by the urologist is often sent home due to insufficient indicators for an operation, unfortunately without further assistance. Those affected do not have to give up early and wait until the operation becomes inevitable. It is better to take the first countermeasures in advance to get the varicocele under control through natural varicocele treatment methods and in best case achieve varicocele regression.

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