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Varicocele Underwear

Varicocele Clothing: Many men with varicocele do not know that clothing and underwear have a great impact on varicocele condition and fertility.

While some clothing items can be very helpful in healing, others are less so.

On this page of the varicocele blog, you will learn the most important rules about clothing and varicocele in everyday life.

Varicocele Supplements

These varicocele supplements support the healing process! See for yourself these effective varicocele supplements.

On the page about varicocele supplements, you will find effective means to significantly improve the condition of varicocele.

The presented varicocele supplements help to improve blood circulation, relieve varicocele pain and support veins in regeneration.


Varicocele Fertility

Varicocele fertility: Varicoceles are testicular varicose veins. It is often read that varicocele affects male fertility.

To date, there is no clear evidence that varicocele surgery improves fertility. This is another reason why more and more urologists now advise against varicocele surgery.

On this page of the Varicocele Blog, men with varicocele can find risk-free measures to improve fertility.


Varicocele Testosterone

Varicocele testosterone: Learn more about varicocele testosterone. Study results support the effectiveness of measures to increase testosterone with varicocele.

A varicocele can negatively affect a man’s testosterone levels in the long term. Why this is so and what men with varicocele can do about it, they learn here on the page about varicocele testosterone.


Varicocele Pain

Varicocele pain is one of the most common varicocele symptoms. Varicocele pain has several causes. Is varicocele pain dangerous? What can you do about it?

On this page of the Varicocele Blog, we explain what influences can be involved in the development of varicocele pain.

Learn now how you can relieve varicocele pain


Varicocele Intercourse

Varicocele Intercourse – Learn more about sexual intercourse / masturbation with varicocele. When is the right time? Men with varicocele should follow these things to improve fertility with varicocele for long-term varicocele healing.

Some behaviors related to varicocele and intercourse are counterproductive and can worsen the condition. Learn more about varicocele sexuality now.


Varicocele Sport

Varicocele sports: Learn more about the topic of sports with varicocele. While some sports with varicocele are rather harmless and supportive of healing, other sports can be a serious risk factor for further development of varicocele.

On this page of the varicocele blog, you will learn which sports are well suited and which sports are better to avoid with varicocele.


Varicocele Sleeping Position

Varicocele sleeping position: Learn more about varicocele sleeping position. Why the varicocele is uncomfortably hot filled in the morning on some days and pleasantly cool empty on others has a specific cause. 

On this page, you will learn all about how to achieve maximum results for yourself and further support overnight healing.


How to cure Varicocele without Surgery