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Intercourse and Masturbation with varicocele


In my last article I gave you more information about the development, possible consequences and the right countermeasures of varicocele pain. Varicocele pain is always a signal from the body that the testicles are suffering right now, for example, from the developing overheating caused by the varicocele.

The pain is a signal that you had best change something about the situation (e.g., balance position to restore healthy blood circulation or cool down to prevent the damage from overheating) immediately.

In the post on varicocele pain, you will find, among other things, a list of different ways to relieve varicocele pain. If you have ever experienced varicocele pain, I recommend you to read the last post carefully and apply the tips on how to fix varicocele pain regularly to prevent possible damage to the testicles and become pain-free in the long run.

With this post, I would like to introduce you to other very important findings in dealing with varicocele in everyday life. Today the topic is varicocele sexual intercourse and masturbation. If you have any questions about this topic, please feel free to send me a message using the contact form.

Healthy Intercourse Life and Masturbation with varicocele

A healthy sex life in relation to men with a varicocele means healthy masturbation as well as No excessive (sexual) practices. Excessive practices means, for example, performing demanding positions for a long period of time or having intercourse several times in one day or even consecutively.

For example, also avoid having sexual intercourse in the morning.

Why? During sexual intercourse, nitric oxide (NO) is naturally formed or released in the vessels in the genital area. Nitric oxide helps the vessels relax and more blood can flow into the erectile tissue (penile erection). This is also a good thing. However, the natural dilation of the vessels also causes the varicocele to begin swelling accordingly. At the same time, the cremaster muscle naturally relaxes after sexual intercourse.

The result? The scrotum will sag for some time due to the complete relaxation of the cremaster muscle. This makes it difficult if not impossible for the blood in the varicocele to drain cleanly, which puts additional stress on the vessel walls and the testicles. Do not have sexual intercourse too often. Optimally, during the natural treatment until the varicocele is curedyou should only sleep with your partner every 2 days or masturbate only every other day. This may sound like a hard restriction for some people, but on the other hand it makes the whole thing more interesting. Plus: your varicocele will have an easier time recovering. The unpleasant symptoms will be less and weaker.

Best time? In the evening before going to bed.

Furthermore, sports activities, going out and sitting after sexual intercourse or masturbation are a risk factor for further development of varicocele and should therefore be better avoided.

Do you still need to go out afterwards? Stay lying down for at least half an hour (ideally on your back), ensure sufficient cooling by circulating air (do not stay under the covers!) and then take a cool shower to stimulate the thermoregulation of the testicles in a natural way and to tighten the scrotum before going out (cremaster muscle see above).

Avoid intercourse / masturbation in these situations

Avoid intercourse/masturbation with varicocele in the following situations.

  • Before sports
  • Before physically strenuous activities
  • Before going out / walking / hiking
  • Change of balance position
  • If you will be sitting/standing for an extended period of time afterward
  • Multiple masturbation in one day or in a row (nitric oxide)
  • Physical pulling / rubbing on the varicocele.

In Chapter 8 of the Varicocele Treatment Guide, you will receive a total of 18 valuable tips for healthy sexual intercourse and masturbation with varicocele. In addition, you will get a proven method to improve your performance in bed, which you can easily implement immediately.

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