Varicocele Boxer Briefs

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The Perfect Boxer Briefs For Your Perfect Day

Underwear is an important component of any varicocele treatment program. Help repair your varicocele with high-quality and full-featured underwear.

During the day and exercise, vein tissue is weakened. With rest and slight support from underwear it’s strengthened again. Savana brings a complete varicocele underwear solution, meaning it contains all the essential properties for varicocele recovery.

Your body requires for underwear comparatively more of the properties like support, cooling and slight compression compared to men without varicocele. Therefore, your underwear should bring exactly these properties.


Inspired by the Physiological Structure of Men

The tailoring is inspired by the physiological structure of men, ensures a perfect fit and makes the boxer briefs of SAVANA distinctive. 9 months of development and a combination of the best features from over 20 different underwear models make SAVANA men’s boxers unique. Thanks to Micro Modal, they are light as a feather, feel cool on the skin – and silky to the touch. Optimized for men’s personal space. Provides a fresher, healthier-feeling and general well-being.

SAVANA - Premium Men's Boxer Briefs


Ergonomic U-Cut

Breathable Material


Perfectly Suited


Best Quality


Perfect Fit


Optimized for the Man

Why Savana Boxer Briefs?

Benefits & Results

Savana Premium Men’s Boxer Briefs are perfect for all men, whether you’re a body builder or a runner, you will benefit from the high level of comfort this underwear provides and see a difference in your performance. Our underwear is made out of very thin material and is slightly compressing. This provides perfect cooling and better blood flow. 


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