Varicocele Natural Treatment

Learn how to treat varicocele naturally – without the risk of injury, without surgery.

Prevent further development, minimize the size of the varicocele.

Complete relief of pain, no more feeling of heaviness.

Increase testosterone naturally, improve fertility.

Varicocele Treatment Without Surgery: Natural Healing Methods

Varicocele treatment without surgery: A varicocele usually does not appear overnight, but often develops slowly and insidiously. It is therefore particularly important to start treating varicocele naturally immediately in order to counteract its development as early as possible.

Over time, men with varicocele get used to symptoms such as overheating, a feeling of heaviness or coming and going pain. They may also go to a urologist but are sent home because there are not enough indicators for surgery. Unfortunately, those affected do not receive any direct recommendation for action during this visit to the initial diagnosis and it is often advised to wait and see.

The varicocele is getting bigger: In the case of varicocele, however, waiting often leads to a worsening of the condition and the varicocele becomes larger. In this case, a proposal for an alternative varicocele treatment would be more suitable. The patient should know that even minimal adjustments in his personal lifestyle can significantly improve the condition of the varicocele.

Urologists may recommend that their patients buying suitable varicocele underwear. These prevent sagging of the scrotum and compress the varicocele similar to compression socks. This can improve the blood circulation. Sagging of the scrotum through varicocele can lead to a feeling of heaviness or pain in the varicocele, especially in higher grade varicoceles. Men can also cool the varicocele to achieve a contraction of the dilated testicular vein and relieve varicocele pain. Particularly suitable for long-term freedom from pain and symptoms are the specific cooling procedures of alternative varicocele treatment.

Varicocele regression: If affected persons react in time, the varicocele can be induced to regress by simple everyday measures.

Varicocele: Causes and Risk Factors for further development

The causes for the development and progression of a varicocele are very diverse and can vary greatly from case to case. In most men, however, the following causes seem to occur individually or in combination. Common causes are poor blood circulation (especially in the abdomen), poor posture (resulting in more pressure on the abdomen and varicocele), a weakened cardiovascular system and weak abdominal muscles.

In the natural treatment of varicocele, the main aim is to find out as precisely as possible the specific causes for development and after that start treating these causes in an appropriate way.

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This page represents only a small part of the varicocele treatment guide for varicocele treatment without surgery. If the methods and measures presented on this website help you and you decide to try the surgery free way first, it is very important that you first read the entire guidebook before starting any natural treatment and that you have got the agreement of your local specialist / urologist to the natural methods you have chosen for your treatment.

Often the cause of a varicocele is a combination of the following risk factors:

Study results and experiences of men with varicocele have shown

Various study results and the experiences of those affected have shown that there are many other risk factors for
the development and acute swelling of a varicocele. All these factors either reduce the blood flow in the abdomen or excessively increase the blood pressure of the plexus pampiniformis (venous plexus in the spermatic cord of the testicles). Both pose high risks for the further development and swelling of a varicocele.

Read the entire Varicocele Guide now to determine your individual risk factors for the (further) development of your varicocele and start to eliminate them to live life to the fullest again without any varicocele symptoms.

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The Natural Treatment of Varicocele without Surgery includes the following 5 steps:

1. Improvement of blood circulation

Improvement of blood circulation: Prevent blood congestion by restoring healthy blood circulation. In this way, toxins can no longer accumulate in the varicocele. The testicles are no longer damaged and can recover.

2. Restoration of healthy testicular temperature

Restoration of a healthy testicular temperature through appropriate risk-free treatment measures. This also improves fertility and normalizes the hormone balance.

3. Adapting lifestyle in certain areas

Adaptation of the way of life: Reduction of personally controllable risk factors. This prevents further development of varicocele and provides the optimal environmental conditions for varicocele healing.

4. Implementation of curative treatment methods

Implementation of curative treatment methods: Regular implementation of curative natural treatment methods and the taking of certain treatment measures.

5. Nutrition and healing food supplements

Nutrition and healing food supplements: A healthy diet rich in antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals that have entered the body through an unhealthy lifestyle. At the same time, taking proven varicocele food supplements that help damaged cell tissue to regenerate.

The Natural Treatment Methods work.

Unfortunately, most men are still unaware that effective natural treatments exist.

Most people are surprised when they find out that there is a whole range of natural treatments available. There are natural treatments to relieve varicocele pain, improve fertility or significantly reduce varicocele swelling. Take an evening and take your time to look around here on our website. You will be surprised how easy it is to apply the natural treatment methods for varicocele and what amazing results you can achieve in a very short time.

To date, we have helped over 1000 men to treat their varicocele naturally – without surgery and without risk. Each of them is now free of complaints and can enjoy life to the fullest again.

These men all have:

Start today with the natural treatment and enjoy the first results within a few days.

Varicocele Treatment Without Surgery (Give It A Try & Convince Yourself)

Varicocele and Fertility

Does natural treatment of a varicocele improve fertility?

Urologists and experts disagree on whether surgery for subclinical varicocele actually helps to increase the chances of pregnancy. For this reason, many urologists generally advise against surgery if the patient has  normal semen analysis.

The testicles require a temperature slightly below the normal body temperature of 36.5 °C for optimal function. In order to improve fertility with varicocele, it is therefore first and foremost necessary to ensure an appropiate average temperature of the testicles during the day and night. What helps? Varicocele cool down through natural cooling processes.

In everyday life, this task is made more difficult by modern clothing styles. Overheating is often unavoidable due to tight heat accumulating clothing. What helps? As thin as possible, breathable, comfortable (not constricting) varicocele underwear. The same applies to trousers. Do not wear heat-stressing jeans and wear trousers made of the thinnest possible fabric.

Cooling Varicocele: 7 Tips for a Healthy Testicular Temperature

More than 20 other valuable tips and measures for improving fertility can be found in chapters 5, 7 and 10.

Varicocele and Blood Circulation: Improve Blood Circulation


Poor circulation and blood flow (in the varicocele) are caused by years of bad habits and behavior patterns and by too little exercise. Too little exercise here means that one does not get enough exercise, does not do sports and does not stretch one’s body. This slows down the speed at which the blood circulates through the body and the varicocele.

If blood with an elevated concentration of harmful substances accumulates in the varicocele (more about this under relieving varicocele pain) it takes relatively longer before this blood can flow off, for example by changing your balance (laying down), changing your sitting position or even getting up from a chair.

The blood flow and circulation of the varicocele can be improved, for example, by

Further tips for improving blood circulation in the varicocele can be found in the full guide to treat the varicocele in a safe way in chapters 4,5,6, 9 and 10.

Circulation and muscle imbalances

Due to weak abdominal and pelvic floor muscles or weak lateral abdominal muscles, there is a risk that the abdomen, more precisely the lumbar vertebrae, will bend over time and collapse when sitting. This compresses the space in the abdomen and the abdominal organs have correspondingly less space available. This can have a negative effect on the blood flow in the abdomen and makes it more difficult for the varicocele to transport the blood back to the heart via the veins. The oxygen supply to the abdomen can also be impaired as a result.

To improve / restore blood circulation through:

How exactly you carry out these and many other effective measures to create healthy blood circulation is explained in chapters 4,5,6,9 and 10 of the Varicocele Treatment Guide.

Varicocele Pain

Varicocele: Understanding Overheating and Pain - Normalizing Testicular Temperature


If you have been sitting or standing for a long time, you may have noticed that the temperature of the varicocele warms moderately to strongly until the testicles overheat and you begin to feel pain. This is due, among other things, to the above-mentioned causes and their consequences – the congestion of blood in the varicocele.

This effect is intensified by unsuitable clothing and underwear. Due to the resulting heat and the resulting poor supply of nutrients to the testicles, damage to the testicles can occur, which is noticeable through pain.

The varicocele pain is a signal from the body to change the situation immediately to prevent further stress to the testicles and the varicose veins. It is important to restore the original state of unhindered and stress-free blood circulation.

If you notice during the day that the temperature in the scrotum rises unnaturally and you even feel pain, take a break at the next possible time and perform one of the suggested measures for a cooling break (see chapter 5).

I strongly recommend that you get breathable and supporting (non-compressing) underwear. You can find more information on this in chapter 10 of the guide. On the page about clothing and varicocele you will find more information about well suited underwear and good reasons why it is better not to wear most underwear models.

Another solution to achieve an appropriate testicular temperature on a daily average is to treat the testicles with various cooling methods. Cooling causes the swollen veins to contract, thus restoring the healthy blood flow in the scrotum. For details on overheating, pain, and normalization of the testicular temperature, see chapters 5, 6 and 10.

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What goals can be achieved with the natural treatment of varicocele?

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Varicocele: Treatment without Surgery

Many men still do not know that varicocele treatment is possible without surgery. Take your chance and start the natural treatment today. Convince yourself of the positive results. An improvement of the symptoms will usually occur after a few days to weeks.