Varicocele Treatment
In The Safest And Simplest
Possible Way.

For Maximum Results with Minimum Effort.


Stop Varicocele Symptoms, Without Concrete Assistance and Suggested Action

  • Do you know this? You've reached that point again. Driving back and forth between your urologist and home, sitting in the waiting room for a long time...and in the end you are just sent home again without any help?

  • Do you really want to put up with this again and wait until the varicocele makes everyday life unbearable for you again?

  • Or do you want to solve the problem for you for good and enjoy your life to the fullest again?

Everyone Can Go To An Urologist - An Individual Treatment Strategy Is Only Available When Asking The Expert

  • Do you also want an Individual Case Analysis & elaboration of your customized treatment strategy to achieve maximum results for you and your testicular health?

  • Then secure a system now that has been personally created for you and will help them achieve their goals with maximum results with minimum effort.

  • We design and optimize your exclusive varicocele treatment plan. And achieve the best results, tailored to your personal life, just for you.


With Our Strategy...

The Exclusive Varicocele Treatment Solution

We know you have enough to do already.
That’s why we do the COMPLETE CREATION of your individual treatment plan for you.

This Includes:

And Best Of All...

The only thing to do… is to follow simple recommendations for action, take good advice… and after a few days you will be happy about your first tangible and visible results.

Maximum Results with Minimum Effort

The Advantages of your own Individual Treatment Strategy are unsurpassable

  • We will inform you in advance about all the advantages of natural treatment and do all the necessary research.

  • This saves you miserable-long distances and partly senseless waiting times at the urologist.

  • From the individual case analysis, customized treatment strategies are developed for you

  • This allows them to proceed efficiently and at a high speed in your treatment progress

And thus Maximum Results with a Minimum Effort.

First Results Already After A Few Days

With us, you get a strategy with structure. Because only a well-thought-out plan ensures your success.

  • No Months Of Lead Time

    Book a free strategy session immediately.

  • You Can Get Started Within 3-4 Days

    Without long waiting time, you can get started within 3-4 days.

  • No Complicated Application Process

    Simply fill out the consultation form and book your free strategy session.

  • First Results Within 7-21 Days

    First results already within the first days after handing you over your individual treatment strategy

Exclusivity Guaranteed!

All whitepapers you receive within your treatment strategy are 100% exclusively compiled for you only.

No other client / third party has access to it.


How we can guarantee such a thing?

  • Quite simply, we only work with one client per consultation. If you have booked a consultation, you get 100% exclusive 1 : 1 consultation & guidance with our expert.

  • All Exclusive Whitepapers are compiled individually for your personal case. To ensure a high quality of consulting, we are only offering this service to a maximum of 5 clients!

  • You want to know if there is currently still a place available? Then simply contact us for a non-binding and free initial consultation.

Your Situation + Your Goals = Your Individual Treatment Strategy

It’s really that simple.

You tell us…


…And we will tell you how much time we need for this and when you can expect to achieve your goal. Book a free and non-binding initial consultation NOW.

What Our Clients Say About The Program

Frank T. - Grade I

“The consultation helped me a lot to treat my varicocele gently by myself. I could not notice any side effects until today and continue the treatment. It looks like the varicocele is disappearing again. Thank you!”

Christian W. - Grade II

“I have been following the suggested natural measures for almost 21 days now and today I have almost no complaints. Only when I do not follow one of the most important measures. Thank you very much for your help!”

Joseph A. - Grade III

“Varicocele has affected my life and thoughts a lot and I really didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, I found this consultation. I am much more relaxed now and very happy to be able to take gentle measures.”

M. E. Gonzales

“It is only over the years that those affected learn the correct way to deal with varicocele through their own experiences. On the way, unfortunately, a lot of mistakes are made to this day, which lead to further development. These mistakes We can avoid and do everything right from the beginning.”

“With targeted and well thought-out strategies, we manage to lead you to your treatment success in the shortest possible time.”

“Your Individual Treatment Strategy is your master plan for your successful varicocele treatment. Through our program, you will achieve to get rid of varicocele for the rest of your life.”

M. E. G. and his Team know what they are talking about.

They know all varicocele problems inside out and have successfully advised more than 4200 clients.

Manuel Enrico Gonzales works fairly and seriously.

  • Free Strategy Session and First Assistance

    Transparent cooperation at all levels.

  • One-Time Booking, No Follow-Up Costs.

    One-Time Booking of your treatment strategy, with No follow-up costs.

This means you can get on board easily and promptly and get started right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Basically, there is a specific treatment strategy for each varicocele grade.
    However, to achieve maximum results, a standard strategy is not enough.
  • Every person and every varicocele case is different. Severity and age are only 2 of many important factors for treatment success.
  • Therefore, we develop your very exclusive Individual Treatment Strategy based on the information you provide.This is the only way we can ensure that we achieve maximum results for you and your testicular health.
  • In our program, we have also developed strategies to treat higher grade varicocele in an efficient and targeted manner.
  • If your attitude towards varicocele surgery / embolization is positive, we can ensure through our experience that you will benefit from ideal preparation and follow-up care, thereby achieving maximum results for your testicular health.
  • In this way, we minimize the risk of recurrence of the varicocele and achieve maximum results for you and your future.

We DO NOT offer reschedules. If you do not show up for the call you will NOT be able to book another. This is non negotiable. If you cannot make the time, DO NOT BOOK THE CALL.