Varicocele Sleeping Position

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  • What influence does the sleeping position have on the varicocele?
  • How to ensure that the varicocele empties and swells?
  • 8 tips for the right sleeping position before and during sleep

Varicocele Sleeping Position: Support Healing Overnight

Many men with varicocele ask themselves the question about the right sleeping position. If you observe your varicocele carefully, you will notice that after some nights it is always warm and filled with blood when you get up, while on better days a nocturnal emptying of the varicose veins ensures pleasant mornings with a symptom-free varicocele.

The sleeping position has been shown to have a decisive influence on blood flow in the varicocele. On the one hand, it can support the healing of the varicocele, on the other hand, the way you sleep can ensure further worsening of the condition.

With this post, I would like to share with you one of the most important findings in observing my varicocele in the morning. This is because both sleep position and sleep duration are fundamental building blocks of natural varicocele treatment and crucial to treatment success.

When the varicocele is filled with blood stasis throughout the night, the varicose veins are constantly under pressure. This hinders the healing process. It’s up to us to restore healthy blood flow to the varicocele overnight.

The good news is that it is quite easy to implement and possible for everyone.

But how exactly do you do it?

The decisive factors are called:

  • Varicocele healing by cooling at night.
  • Reversal of blood flow before and during sleep (Continue reading now).

Drain varicocele: Reversal of blood flow before and during sleep

To create the optimal starting conditions for nighttime cooling and the healing process, I recommend that you ensure that the varicocele can empty completely before going to bed. You can do this, for example, by putting your legs up the wall for about 5 to 10 minutes. Your knees can be either bent or extended while doing this. Try it out for yourself, which way works better for you.


Tip: At the same time, place another pillow under the hip to improve and accelerate the outflow. In the reference book “The Venous Disease” by James Compton Burnett, I read that the treating physician recommended his patients with varicocele to reverse the blood flow at night. That is, so that the blood does not flow from the head to the feet, but exactly the opposite.

Drain varicocele overnight and allow decongesting.

James Compton Burnett in his book “The Venous Diseases” describes for the treatment of varicocele how the reversal of blood flow is made possible by simply placing a small pillow under the hip. From this information, through numerous self-experiments, I have found the best sleeping positions with varicocele.

Especially in the case of higher grade, persistently / severely swollen varicoceles, it is worthwhile to sleep exclusively on your back for a few nights for optimal results. However, one should not drive oneself crazy because of this. More about this later.

Correct posture while sleeping on the back:

The cushion under the knees is optional.

How to find the perfect sleeping position

To find out the perfect position of the pillow between the slatted frame and the mattress, you need to try a little back and forth. But I am convinced that after two or three tries you will succeed. The pillow helps with extra support for draining overnight, especially during the first few nights, so that the swollen veins can recover.

Some slatted frames even have an integrated raise function. This should then be used so that the pelvis, including legs, is positioned higher than the upper body. To do this, turn the slatted frame 180 degrees so that the side that can be raised is on the legs and not on the upper body. In this way, the normal state of healthy blood circulation in the scrotum is established throughout the entire sleep period, and the testicle can recover well from the heat and heat stress exposure during the day.

But be careful: an inclination between 2-3° degrees is already sufficient.

You can additionally improve the recovery process by taking supplements suitable for varicocele. These are best taken directly before going to bed and immediately after getting up. You can find more information on this in the guide in chapters 5 and 6.

You have to get up early tomorrow morning but can't fall asleep on your back?

Of course, you should not force yourself to sleep on your back all the time overnight. Just try it out. If it doesn’t work out, you can always adapt as straight a sideways position as possible to fall asleep. If you wake up at night, turn on your back to correct the sleeping position. If you have already slept once, falling back asleep is usually much easier. This way you can slowly, but surely, get used to the new sleeping position.

After the varicocele has recovered well from the blood stasis over a few nights, you can alternatively switch to lateral sleeping positions. You can check a suitable position by first emptying the varicocele, taking a deep breath and then lying in the chosen position for another 5 minutes. If the scrotum is subsequently cool and the varicocele deflated, you have found a well-suited position. If the side sleeping position worsens the results in the morning, better try to fall asleep on your back again.

The side sleeping position is also suitable at the beginning of the treatment when you have to get up early the next day, but you do not have time to get used to sleeping on your back. It is better to practice sleeping on your back at the weekend or during your healing power nap (instructions in the Varicocele Guide).

During the first weeks of Natural Treatment

During the first weeks of natural treatment, check your testicle temperature daily in the morning after getting up and remember in which positions you fell asleep and woke up.

You will quickly find that the tips I give you work. Slowly but surely get used to their new sleeping positions. The feeling of starting the day in the morning with a deflated varicocele is priceless, especially for all men with higher-grade varicoceles.

This is what the correct side sleeper sleeping position looks like:

Through a large cushion between the legs, the side position can be stabilized

Note: As a side sleeper, always try to sleep on the opposite side of the varicocele, as in this way a constant emptying can be achieved throughout the night. If you wake up during the night, you can optimally change your position to your back. If you have already slept once, it is easy to fall asleep again quickly. However, don’t put too much pressure on yourself about your sleeping position. Your inner peace before falling asleep is more important than maintaining the right sleeping position every night. Your sleep should be restful overall and not cause additional stress. In addition, in the guide you have numerous other tips and natural methods with which you can treat the varicocele stress-free during the day.

Choosing the right pillow

Also, the choice of the right pillow can improve the blood circulation of the varicocele at night. When choosing a pillow, make sure that it yields sufficiently when the head is laid down so that an unnatural bending of the cervical vertebrae can be avoided and the upper body lies lower than the lower body. Especially when lying on the back, a pillow that is too hard (does not yield) can cause tension in the neck and spine in the early morning hours.

When choosing pillows, pay attention to the position of the spine.

The correct sleeping position before and during sleep

More helpful tips to support Varicocele Healing: