Varicocele Secrets - Treatment Now, Freedom Forever

Treat the causes of varicocele now. Simply follow the proven working system to reduce varicocele swelling and treat symptoms such as pain, infertility and hormone imbalances in a simple and safe way. The Varicocele Treatment Guide is suitable for all men with varicocele – whether surgery is imminent, has already taken place or is to be avoided.

Varicocele Treatment Now Freedom Forever

These questions interest men with varicocele most and are answered in the guide:

  • How can acute pain be relieved?
  • How to achieve long-term freedom from pain?
  • How do you deal with varicocele in everyday life?
  • How can fertility be significantly improved?
  • How can general and performance in bed be improved?
  • Why are some sports with varicocele dangerous and which are particularly suitable?
  • Why does stress in everyday life have a negative effect on testicular varicose veins and how can it be better managed?
  • What effective dietary supplements are available?
  • Which diet and lifestyle is particularly well suited to significantly reduce the swelling?
  • What are the risk factors for (further) development and how can these be counteracted?
  • What are the most important tips and behaviour patterns for work and everyday life with varicocele?
  • When is varicocele surgery / embolization useful?
  • How does one prepare for an operation / sclerotherapy?

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Anton K. - Grade I

"The guidebook helped me a lot to treat my varicocele gently by myself. To date I have not experienced any side effects and continue the treatment. It looks like the varicose vein will disappear. Thanks!"


Oliver R. - Grade II

"A real alternative to varicoceles surgery has never really existed before. Thanks to Mr. Gonzales, those affected, who are sent home by the urologists, can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The natural treatment measures work. You just have to do them every day."


Kevin O. - Grade III

"The varicocele had a very negative effect on my life and my thoughts and I really didn't know what to do. Fortunately I read this book. I'm much more relaxed now and very happy that I can take more gentle measures."


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Khan W. - GradE II

"I have been following the proposed natural measures for almost 2 months now and today I have virtually no complaints. Only when I disregard one of the most important measures. Thank you very much for your help."


Jorge D. - Grade III

"The guidebook Varicocele Treatment Now gives a very good overview of the possible causes of a testicular varicose vein and helps those affected to better understand the individual case. In this way the own risk factors for further development can be reduced very easily and the symptoms alleviated. Since I follow the suggestions of the guidebook, I no longer need painkillers."


Felix T. - Grade I

"At last, someone is showing a natural way to treat After only three weeks I no longer have this strange feelings and the varicocele seems to slowly disappear again. Thank you."

Men with varicocele listen: This is how you get rid of varicocele for the rest of your life.

Would you also like to finally be free of the recurring feelings in your pants when the varicocele makes itself felt in everyday life through pulling, pricking, a feeling of heaviness or heat? Do you sometimes even have severe pain and want to get rid of it for good?

Men with varicocele know these situations.

Are you tired of thinking about varicocele in social gatherings and not knowing what exactly you can do about it or how to avoid these situations in the future? Are you sometimes ashamed to stand naked in front of your partner in the evening when the varicocele is filled and one testicle is hanging lower than the other? Do you also think that this sight does not bring joy to anyone?

Men with varicocele hear these statements from their urologists.

I really know all varicocele problems because I myself have been affected by varicocele for many years. Again and again I heard the same statements during the control visits to my first urologist:

  • As long as you don’t have severe pain, there’s nothing to be done.
  • It basically makes no sense to treat a varicocele as long as you do not have an unfulfilled desire for a child.
  • Surgery on a varicocele means great risks. In the worst case you may lose the testicle. Do not do that!
  • Even with a poor spermiogram and an existing desire for a child, varicocele surgery does not automatically promise the desired success of a pregnancy.

The Varicocele Guide is the solution to the varicocele problem.

Which, unfortunately, nobody told me at the time: There is a whole range of natural treatments that anyone can easily apply every day to significantly improve the condition of varicocele and fertility! You will be amazed at what small changes and adaptations in everyday life can achieve.

Men with varicocele are interested in this:

Over the past 7 years I have held expert discussions with various urologists on the subject of varicocele, listened to their opinions and suggestions and documented all the information. I have spent hours researching in books and on the Internet how people today and before our time dealt with varicocele. I took a lot of notes and summarized them for future patients. The natural methods of treatment were then all tested by me personally to see if they were applicable in daily life and tested and developed further through countless self-experiments. Only through this I was able to find out which alternative methods and measures actually work and only because of this I can tell you today from experience: The varicocele treatment methods work. Furthermore they are very easy to use and without great effort.

More serenity, more joy and more quality of life through the treatment of varicocele.

I began to use the proven alternative varicocele treatment methods and noticed already in the first weeks:

The more and the more often I use the methods, the faster the symptoms and also the negative thoughts disappear.

Do you also want to benefit from all the knowledge about the treatment of varicocele and lead a much more relaxed life?

Start today with the natural treatment and enjoy the first positive results within a few days.

From experience I can assure you:

If you do nothing, over time varicocele will get bigger and the symptoms will get worse.

Therefore please do not lose any more time. Start acting!

Take the risk-free path of varicocele treatment and soon you will enjoy more serenity in your daily life! From now on you have a decisive advantage, because you are no longer helplessly exposed to varicocele day after day!

Through simple methods and adjustments you will soon be much more relaxed in your life again – and most importantly:

Enjoy a much better quality of life.

I wish you all the best and much success with your treatment!

M. E. Gonzales

Order the guide now and learn all about the secrets of varicocele treatment in the safest and simplest way!

These are the biggest advantages that men with varicocele get from the guidebook:

  • Get rid of varicocele problems within couple of minutes daily
  • Step-by-step instructions to treat varicocele in a safe and simple way
  • Strategies of varicocele treatment that have been tested work and provide a significantly better quality of life
  • Treat varicocele symptoms like pain, overheating or feeling of heaviness
  • In all everyday situations (work, leisure, going out, among friends, girlfriend) always know exactly how to deal with varicocele correctly.
  • Which mistakes you should never make with varicocele and how to avoid them!
  • Over 100 tips for safe and carefree handling of varicocele in everyday life.
  • Why NOW is the right time to start your treatment and NOT tomorrow!
  • How you can better control varicocele risk factors!

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