Varicocele Pain: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Learn more about varicocele pain causes and therapy.

  • How does this pain develop?
  • Is varicocele pain dangerous?
  • How to relieve pain by varicocele immediately and prevent its occurrence in the future?

Varicocele Pain Relief

In my last post, I shared with you one of the most important basics in dealing with a varicocele in everyday life. It was about the right varicocele clothing in everyday life. More specifically, which type of clothing is rather unsuitable and which ensures that varicocele symptoms are significantly reduced during the day. In addition, you have learned more about what types of underwear there are and which are best suited for men with varicocele.

With this post, I want to share with you more about how varicocele pain develops, possible consequences, and the right countermeasures. If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to send them to me via the contact form.

How does Varicocele Pain develop?

Have you ever noticed that when you sit or stand for long periods of time, the temperature of the varicocele slowly but surely warms up? Over time, it can become quite hot in the pants and the affected testicle begins to overheat. The typical symptoms of overheating are varicocele pain. In extreme cases, you may even experience a very uncomfortable feeling of nausea (similar to the feeling of having your genitals bruised by a ball).

Varicocele Pain in the Groin: Often, men with varicocele also report pain that extends from the varicocele to the groin. The cause of the pain here may also be the varicocele and a sensitized sensation of pain. In individual cases, the pain in the groin should be clarified by a urologist to be able to exclude another disease.

Varicocele Pain Relief: Varicocele testicular pain can usually be relieved by using simple natural treatment methods. Read on now to learn how such pain can be relieved.

You can see the causes and possible effects of pain from the following graphic:

How do Varicocele Symptoms develop?

Accumulation of blood (with toxins from environment) in the varicocele

Damage to the testicles

Testicular Shrinkage (Atrophy)

Semen and DNA damage

Negative impairment of fertility and hormone balance

Damage to the veins

Expansion of the veins

Damage to the venous valves

Venous valve insufficiency

Varicocele Pain: A serious condition?

Pain triggered by a varicocele is indeed a serious condition. The main cause of this pain is the congestion of (contaminated) blood in the varicocele, which can be seen in the diagram. Blood stasis is exacerbated by unsuitable clothing and underwear with varicocele. The resulting heat causes the vessels in the varicocele to dilate and the volume of (toxic) blood near the testicle increases. The resulting poor supply of nutrients to the testicles, it can lead to further damage to the testicles, which is manifested by pain.


Free Radicals can increase discomfort.

Varicocele pain in the scrotum can be aggravated by free radicals that are in the blood. We absorb free radicals every day through our food and lifestyle (cigarettes, alcohol, medications…). Due to the blockage in the varicocele, these free radicals cannot drain properly and can damage the testicles and surrounding tissues. Therefore, it is very important to do something against varicocele as early as possible, such as start taking varicocele supplements regularly.

Varicocele Pain is a Signal from the Body.

Pain in testicular varicose veins is a signal from the body to immediately change something about the situation to prevent further damage to the affected testicle and surrounding varicose veins. For this reason, in the presence of a varicocele, it is extremely important to restore the original state of unobstructed and stress-free blood circulation.


This is indicated by Varicocele Pain.

Varicocele pain tells you that the accumulation of toxic blood is just damaging your testicles, testicular veins, vein walls, and surrounding tissues. In these “pain moments”, the varicocele progresses and so do the symptoms. This type of pain is an urgent matter that should be taken care of immediately. Ignoring the pain / pulling in the left testicle and groin in everyday life is dangerous! The longer you ignore the pain or pulling of the varicocele in the scrotum, the more severe the symptoms will be in the future, according to our experience – and they can have even more far-reaching effects (see chart). For this reason, it is very important to react as early as possible to corresponding pain and to take appropriate natural varicocele countermeasures.

Caution: Avoid painkillers at all costs when suffering from varicocele pain, or take them only if the acute persistent pain is unbearable at the moment. Painkillers only relieve the symptoms (the pain) and not the causes of the varicocele. Your brain then no longer gets a signal from your body that you should change something about the situation. Natural treatment of varicocele restores healthy blood circulation and thus makes you pain-free in the long term and for a long time.

Men with varicocele: How to relieve from Varicocele Pain.

If during the day you notice that the temperature in the scrotum increases unnaturally, or you already feel pain, take a break at the next possible moment and perform one of the suggested measures for a cooling break (see cooling procedures chapters 5 + 10).

Varicocele Pain relief through the right clothing

Make sure to get some breathable and supportive (not compressive!) underwear. More information about suitable underwear (varicocele briefs) and good reasons why most models should not be worn can be found in chapter 10 of the guide and here on the website varicocele underwear.

Varicocele Pain relief through natural cooling methods

Another solution to achieve an adequate testicular temperature on a daily average lies in the treatment by various cooling procedures. Cooling causes the swollen veins to contract, restoring healthy blood flow to the scrotum. For overheating, pain, and normalization of testicular temperature, read the details in Chapters 5, 6, and 10.

The options for relieving pain are:

How to experience Relief from Varicocele Pain?

Risk-free treatment measures for restoration of healthy blood circulation

Stimulation of healing + support for regeneration

Prevent further damage to veins and testicles

Restoration of general testicular health

Varicocele Pain Relief