Varicocele Healing Overnight

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Varicocele Healing by Cooling Overnight.

Varicocele Healing by Cooling Overnight

My last article was about the correct varicocele sleeping position at night. Each of us has the opportunity to ensure a sustained emptying of the varicocele overnight via the correct sleeping position. An emptied varicocele means overall less – to no pressure on the varicose veins, which are easily injured, and thus offers the varicose vein on the testicle a long rest.

The testicles also benefit from this rest period, as the clean blood drainage through the varicocele, allows for a healthy testicular temperature of 34.5°C (more tips on this later in the article). Be sure to make this break for varicocele regeneration as long as possible, and at best, allow yourself a full 8 hours of sleep each night.

The 8 hours of sleep will also have a positive effect on natural testosterone production and their performance in everyday life. Other positive effects of getting enough sleep include better concentration, less stress in the body and overall more calmness the following day. These are all very helpful side effects that will also have a positive impact on the varicocele healing process during the day.


Cure varicocele and improve testicular health by Cooling Overnight

In order to create the optimal starting conditions for nocturnal cooling and the healing process, I recommended in my last article to ensure that the varicocele can empty completely before going to bed. However, despite an empty varicocele, it can still happen that the veins remain swollen due to excessive heat development (often overheating in higher grade varicoceles).

Although the varicocele no longer feels bulging on palpation, a dilation of the vessels in the scrotum can still be clearly felt. To best help the varicocele heal, the veins should be swollen down to their normal size overnight. Testicular atrophy (shrinkage), which occurs as a result of constant overheating, can also be reversed by cooling at night.

How can this condition be achieved?

Today I’m excited to share with you my top 3 tips for optimal overnight cooling:

Tip #1 sleep naked

If possible, always try to sleep naked, as this allows for optimal ventilation of the scrotum during the night. If sleeping naked is not possible for you, then sleep with thin sleeping pants or breathable underwear and make sure that you use a slightly thinner blanket to achieve better nighttime cooling.

Tip #2. The "Two Blanket Method"

To further improve cooling overnight, I can recommend my “two-blanket method”. Here, one blanket covers your feet and legs up to just before the scrotum. Make sure that the blanket is not placed too far towards the upper body, otherwise, it is quite possible that the thigh heat spreads to the scrotum and thus the desired improved cooling effect cannot be achieved. You can then simply place the second blanket comfortably on top of your torso so that you don’t freeze during the night.

The whole thing may seem a bit alienating at first, but as long as you sleep alone in your bed at home, you will achieve the best cooling with this method. The good feeling in the morning of waking up with a cool scrotum is worlds better than realizing that the testicle temperature continued to be over-elevated all night and thus did not drop to normal temperature. The result of prolonged heat stress is atrophy (reduction in size) of the affected testicle. A condition we want to prevent at all costs. Also fertility with varicocele (especially in the morning) will be positively influenced by this method.

Tip #3. Adjust the Room Temperature

To achieve the normal temperature of the testicles at night and also during the day, you can also keep the room temperature (especially in the bedroom) a little cooler than in the other rooms. This will also cool the varicocele and scrotum better and exercise the scrotal function (cremaster muscle), if you are lightly clothed, at the same time when you enter the room. The cremaster muscle contracts when cold and pulls the scrotum towards the body. You will also find it easier to fall asleep as the cooler air is refreshing, easier to breathe in and the mucous membranes do not dry out as quickly.

And don’t forget after a long day and especially with a very swollen varicocele: Before going to bed, always put your legs up the wall for at least 5 minutes until the varicocele is completely drained and cooled down.


Tip: While doing this, place another small pillow under your hips to speed up the drainage.

Varicocele Healing Overnight - These Methods Help!

Improve the Healing Process at night with Natural Varicocele Supplements

You can additionally improve the recovery process by taking natural varicocele supplements from herbal medicine before going to bed and immediately after getting up. You can find more information on this in the guide in chapters 5 and 6.


Varicocele Cure by Cooling at Night

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